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Restoring Oxidized Headlights for Odessa Cars and Trucks

Your car comes with a full suite of safety equipment, but few things are more important than functional headlamps. Seatbelts keep you safe in an accident, but an unobstructed field of view could help you avoid the collision in the first place. As cars get older, these important vehicle components oxidize until the lenses become nearly opaque and reduce the amount of light that gets through. Since 2010, Popo’s Auto Care Appearance has provided a full lineup of automotive services including headlight restoration to Odessa drivers, and we can recapture the functionality of these crucial illumination devices.

headlight restoration

A Complete Restorative Process

There are several products on the retail market that promise headlamp restoration, but they only act as temporary solutions. To fully restore your vehicle’s headlights, technicians first start with a thorough cleaning of the area. We then use a wet sand mixture to strip away the layers of oxidation until we’ve reached the very surface of the lens. Once we’ve removed the harmful buildup, we finish the process by polishing the material and applying an ultraviolet protection coating that keeps the problem from happening again in a few months.

Helping Drivers See Better in Midland and Pecos

If you drive a car in Pecos, Andrews, Monahans, Midland, Big Spring, Crane, Lamesa or anywhere else in the Odessa area, trust the experts at Popo’s Auto Care Appearance to restore your headlights and maximize your nighttime safety. Don’t fall for the false promises of waxes and other products, as they’ll do little for your vehicle over the long haul without constant reapplication. To schedule an appointment for service or learn how we can use dent repair to reduce damage from hail and other debris, contact us today at 432-880-1646.